Scooby’s Sunday Snooze! (2)

Today is Sunday–time to show off Scooby’s Sunday Snooze! (2)

Scooby cat in catbed
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      1. I have a bed that somebody gave me for Misty when I first got her. I almost threw it away, but she wouldn’t let me do it. I still have it and it still sits under the dining room table where she liked it.

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    1. Those beds are practically ten years old and washable. This one was stored and rarely used so it looks new. I love Tabby cats too. Scooby is the second one who has lived with me. Thanks Hangaku for your comment today!


    1. Ten or eleven years ago, believe it or not, Walgreen Drugs was selling those for ten dollars each. I bought five of them. I still have and use them all. The one shown was excess and usually stored away which is why it looks so new! Thanks for your comment!


    1. Thanks Christine! Scooby is very photogenic and takes good photos. Scooby is not camera shy and does not mind wearing hats and costumes. He does have other faults, which you know, and I won’t mention here. So far, so good today! Hoping Spike is not fighting again and being friendly to Craig and Pearl, if she is around. Hope you are having a restful Sunday. You deserve one! Thinking of you. . . ❤️️😻😻


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