Christine’s Calendar Cat for July 2019

Zeke is my Love Christine’s Calendar Cat pick for July 2019. The calendar was a present made by Christine and Spike, and sent late last year for use this year. Zeke is an internet favourite. Christine has been sending calendars to me for many years now.  I hope she never stops making them for me. 😻😻😻

Cat Calendar July
Christine’s Calendar Cat for July 2019
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  1. Zeke is adorable and well deserving to be July’s kitty 😉 I think it is precious how Christine makes these calendars. What a beautiful reminder each & every day of your love for one another. Beautiful!

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    1. There are many places in the USA you can make and order them, and they are not expensive. I have a “Photo Mug” too, but it is too nice to drink out of. Those are nice to get as well. Thanks Hangaku for your visit today and comments as always.


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