Scooby and Opie Outside

Opie has been very good about walking about in the garden with supervision. She does not go far from the door, and usually stays outside only long enough to eat some grass. Today Scooby is out as well. Normally she only goes out by herself, and Scooby only goes out by himself. It is easier to handle them that way. Today is an experiment. Zeke never goes outside. He is afraid to go outside.

Scooby and Opie
Hey, quit following me!
Scooby Opie outside
Watch where you are going!
Scooby Opie outside
Passing Opie
Scooby outside
Bye Opie!
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  1. Zeke is sensible to be afraid…. very afraid. According to the Culver City Facebook page we are having a lot of problems with coyotes stealing small pets for dinner. You can’t blame them as their territory is encroached on more and more. My cats only have outdoor access on the roof deck and front balcony but if the coyotes get more desperate and learn how to climb trees we could be in trouble!



      1. I actually have one, though the kitty boys like to lounge on the top of it. After a time, as they grew bigger, they collapsed the top, ripping it along one seam. I need to look into getting a replacement (since trying toi mend it failed…) since I’d benefit pushing the stroller around too.

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