Zeke and the Cabinet

Zeke and the Cabinet shows Zeke as he makes a new discovery. What are all these cat toys doing behind these glass doors, he wonders? Someone forgot to take the key away! Maybe I can just open the door and have a peek! I see birds in there!

Zeke and Cabinet
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  1. LOL! Oh that Zeke is definitely lost in thought about just how to accomplish his ‘evil’ plan! So cute 😀

    This is the sort of grand idea Dizzy will have and then announce to us she is about to do something VERY naughty. But hey, at least she always announces and asks permission first 🤣

    Love this one! So very very cute.

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      1. Isn’t it funny how they take spells with things? Dizzy has certain things she will notice for awhile, then come back to a few months later. It’s constantly on rotation. I wonder what caught Zeke’s eye the most? 🙂

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            1. The funny thing is the lamp has been on a table in the corner Zeke ‘s whole life and now he won’t leave it alone. Think today I wi!! Swap it out with another as I need one there. Thanks for the chat 😺

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              1. I am laughing right now because Zeke sounds exactly like Dizzy. These sudden fascinations with items that haven’t moved and have forever been in the same place 🤪 It’s enough to make us crazy!

                You’re certainly welcome for the chat. Our crazy kiddos will always keep us entertained and full of stories to share!

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  2. Great photo wow what a lot of ornaments did I spy a Scotty dog? Just as well it’s locked Zeke would have such fun jumping in on too the shelves.😸😻💜🐾🐾 xx

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    1. It would be a disaster to let a cat into the cabinet. Yes, Christine, that IS a Scotty dog. He is standing on a book. Don’t know why. I remember my grandmother gave it to me when I was just a youngster. It is indeed a miracle that I still have it, and another miracle it has never been broken!


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