Prize Winnings

I got lucky and won prizes from TWO blogs in one week! I decided to wait until I got both prizes before talking about them. The blogs are:

Its All About the Cats and
Memories of Eric and Flynn

First off from “Its All About the Cats” and Rene comes the new “Sliders Treat-hunt Puzzle Toy”. I have seen these popping up on several cat blogs I follow recently. There are three more “holey” boxes inside the big one to make getting the treats out more challenging. The cat enthralled by this is Zeke who is shown below. It is difficult to get Scooby to eat treats most of the time, and Opie doesn’t like playing games. Treats put in the puzzle at night seem to mysteriously disappear in the morning. I have no security cameras to see who is getting them.

Secondly, from Jackie of “Memories of Eric and Flynn” comes a surprise mystery package all the way from the UK with items I cannot get here. The catnip and food items were very popular. Scooby however just sniffed the food items, looked confused, and did not eat them at all. Opie and Zeke loved the food. The items are listed and shown below:

Sliders Treat Hunt
Sliders Treat Hunt Puzzle Toy
Zeke and Sliders treat hunt puzzle
Zeke trying to get treat

Below is the Mystery Prize Package from Memories of Eric and Flynn in the UK.

Eric and Flynn Prizes
Blue Tent, 2020 Eric and Flynn Caturday Art Calendar, Webbox Cats Delight Tasty Sticks, Felix Cat Food Goody Bags, Eric & Flynn Refrigerator magnet, Curious Facts about Cats book, Catkins mini mice tails with natural wild catnip, cat paws ballpoint pen, a nice card from Jackie with Eric
and Flynn on the front, and an “animated” book mark.
A closer look
Zeke and Scooby and catnip mouse
Zeke and Scooby playing with Catkins catnip mouse
Zeke playing with mouse toy
Zeke and Scooby and mouse
Opie Zeke cat tents
Zeke checking out new tent hanging ball while Opie looks on. There goes the neighborhood!
Opoie in blue tent
I live here now!
Zeke eating
Zeke loves Webbox Cats Delight Tasty Sticks!
Opie eating
Opie loves Webbox Cats Delight tasty sticks

It was definitely like Christmas around here, and fun was had by all. Yes, Scooby DID like the Catkins mini mice tails! .Let me say thank you very much to Rene and Jackie for these wonderful prizes!

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  1. Awwww! Congratulations! What great prizes these are! It looks to me like great fun is being had by all. The UK toys not found here are very intriguing…. Those cat puzzles are pretty great. Kitties seem to really enjoy ’em.

    I hope you and your whole bunch are well today.

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  2. Congrats on the prizes! It’s great to get goodies from another country that we don’t have here. And, with Eric and Flynn, you get photos and a photo book about them, too. That’s a prize to treasure. – Tom x

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  3. Herzlichen Glückwunsch.
    Die Marke Felix gibt es in Deutschland auch zu kaufen. Allerdings hat sie nicht unbedingt gute Bewertungen. Blacky bekam als Baby die ersten vier Wochen das Trockenfutter von Felix zu fressen. Dann, auf einmal, fraß er es nicht mehr.
    Liebe Grüße von der Ostsee Sandra, Blacky und Cera

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    1. Felix wird hier nicht verkauft. Wenn das trockene Essen gegessen wird, dann kein mehr Felix! Mit drei Katzen wird Felix nicht lange dauern. Das Paket wurde von den Städten London und Dublin Ireland aufgeführt. Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar Sandra!



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