I couldn’t think what to call this post, so I will just call it “Scooby” as he is the cat starring in it. We have Scooby enjoying his new scratcher from Petco. It has three sides to scratch upon on the outside and three sides on the inside. It can be a tunnel to run through or a cave to sleep in. More often than not, it is a hurdle I often trip over and go flying. I pick up all the toys on the floor when I vacuum and put them in a box out of the way. Scooby is investigating this box. Why is it here. There is also an interesting bag to explore like a cave.

Scooby scratcher
Scooby cat scratcher
Scooby in his new scratcher
Scooby in box with toys 2
I think these are all mine!
Scooby in box with toys
Scooby in box with toys
Scooby in bag
Scooby found a bag
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