Scooby at Home

Scooby at home is the subject of this short post. We are all self-isolated at home. We can walk about our property for exercise safely, and Scooby has been getting a lot of it. Zeke the Editor says to everyone to stay safe. There is plenty of grass for all. You just have to know where to look!

Scooby’s nose is a sun-catcher
Scooby zeke catio
Scooby muscling in on Zeke’s grass!
Scooby cemetery cats
Scooby visiting Marigold in the cat cemetery
Greg signature block small
signature greg


  1. Frankie the Little Bully is always shoving the Giant Cat Freddie out of the way to eat his food. I wish he was interested in his grass. Freddie eats grass every day but Frankie doesn’t understand what it’s for… even though I’ve tried to explain!

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      1. May seem like they’re just looking at you but their brains are whirring… hmmm, if she’s trying to explain this to me it must be something important… so I’ll pretend I don’t understand and do just the opposite!



  2. Outside time is wonderful. I’m glad we also live in a house with a yard so we can go out safely -especially with these “stay at home” virus safety measures. I would not want to be cooped up in an apartment.

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  3. How sweet of Scooby to pay his respects to Marigold. My cats like to go in the bedroom closet where the boxes of ashes are of previous cats and pay their respects.
    Stay healthy.XO

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