Focus on Zeke

Focus on Zeke is a series of exclusive photos of Zeke at home. He has much of his playtime devoted to playing with Scooby or bothering Opie, but today we will simply highlight solo photos of Zeke. My favorites are 1, 9, and 10. What are your favorites? Next post will be Christine’s Calendar Cat for July 2020. Wonder who it is?

Zeke watching video
1 Zeke watching squirrel videos
Zeke on loveseat
2 Zeke on loveseat
2A Toehair
zeke portrait
3 Zeke portrait
zeke on bed
4 Zeke on bed
zeke in window
5 Zeke in window
zeke in cat bed
6 Zeke in catbed
zeke on back
7 Zeke on back
Looking down
8 Looking down
Zeke and lunch
9 Lunch has been delivered!
zeke portrait
10 Zeke portrait
signature greg


  1. My favorite is 9, but all of them are great! He seems to enjoy watching a squirrel movie, perhaps because of the motion, and also very happy by the window. Cats love watching the outside world behind the window. Maybe it reminds them of hiding and waiting for prey.

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  2. We like 5, 6 and 10! I got all excited when I saw that Zeke reaches out with one paw extended just like I do! Plus, we kinda look alike. Zeke’s my buddy!! – Tom x

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  3. Dear Greg, lovely post focusing on Zeke. All the photos are adorable, beautiful fluffy boy! No. 2A toe hair, No. 8 looking down, and No. 10 a stunning portrait! Wishing you and the cats well, please take good care. ~ Mia

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  4. I can’t decide! All photos of Zeke are purrfect! Ralph the kitties agree with me too! What a total sweetie 😻😻😻😻🥰🥰❣️ I need to try and play Squirrel videos for our 4 on the huge TV screen. That’ll be interesting😊 Wishing you all a lovely day! 🐾

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