Christine's Calendar Cat for June 2020

SCOOBY is my Love Christine’s Calendar Cat pick for June 2020. The calendar was a present made by Christine and Spike, and sent late last year for use this year. Christine has been sending calendars to me from Scotland for many years now.  😻❤💕

Scooby in catio


  1. Meow! Dear Greg, Scooby looks delightful in the sunshine, although he looks great in the snow too! What a fabulous fellow. I wonder if most orange cat have a good temperament? I adore orange cats, well I adore all cats! Wishing you and your cats the very best. Take good care. ~ Mia

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  2. Christine makes the most beautiful calendars. Scooby is a good looking cat too.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Greg. Scritches to the kitties. 🙂

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