Guess What I Want

Guess What I Want. I sit in my recliner minding my own business when Scooby appears on the coffee table. He begins staring at me with this very face. It means he wants something. The problem is I can never know what it is he wants until I get out of the chair. Sometimes he wants my chair and moves right in. Other times he does not move until I start for the kitchen, when he follows me out to his food bowl. It does not matter if it has food in it, as I am required to watch him eat it. Maybe he wants to go out the catio. Who knows what else?

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  1. Scooby says: “I do believe I’m the best example of how a cat is the first one to master the poker face.” Ha! (The housekeeper is over the moon at this photo.)

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  2. oh Scooby!! You have the EXACT SAME LOOK that Cody used to give to me every single day at meal time! You are so handsome Scooby and such a smart kitty!! xoxo

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  3. I swear cats are trying to send us telepathic messages, but we’re too dense to “hear” them. Every cat I’ve ever had does this, including Sunny, my ‘Mommy’s Girl.’ Since we are closer, it’s easier for me to read her wants. I just don’t want to spend my entire day brushing her (her favorite activity), playing catch the feather, feeding her treats, or serving her dinner on demand.

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