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Cat guy. I live in Pierce County, Washington, USA. Like cats, old photographs, and short blog posts.
Mt Rainier airport

Sunny Daze with Scooby

Sunny Daze with Scooby describes what life is like here lately. We are in a drought emergency statewide and everything has dried up. The sky is blue and cloudless. [My photo Mt Rainier. (elevation 14410 ft or 4392 m)] Now it is very warm and as much as Scooby got prepared to go for a walk as you see, it is better to stay inside out of the sun and try to stay cool. He is a bit disappointed. He gets carsick so no airplane rides if that is what you are thinking. A scenic one hour flight is $100 which includes a hamburger and fries at the Top Gun Bar & Grill adjacent. I do not know the cat $ rate.

Scooby in hat
Scooby sleeping in hat
Time for a nap.
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Happy 8th Blogversary

Happy 8th Blogversary

Happy 8th Blogversary to us. In the past eight years we lost one member, Marigold, and gained a new member–Scooby. Otherwise things haven’t changed. I did not expect to be posting this blogversary 8 but here we are–again. Thanks to all the readers both new and old, and especially thanks to those readers who have been around for years and years! You know who you are, and so do I! A few memories below:

4 cat header
Old Blog Header 2015
Zeke my first and only Gravatar in museum
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Short lived header Puget Sound
iMAC G3 (June 21, 2021 post)
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Guess What I Want

Guess What I Want. I sit in my recliner minding my own business when Scooby appears on the coffee table. He begins staring at me with this very face. It means he wants something. The problem is I can never know what it is he wants until I get out of the chair. Sometimes he wants my chair and moves right in. Other times he does not move until I start for the kitchen, when he follows me out to his food bowl. It does not matter if it has food in it, as I am required to watch him eat it. Maybe he wants to go out the catio. Who knows what else?

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Fashionable Scooby (Summer Solstice)

Fashionable Scooby (Summer Solstice)! The sun is here! The heat is on! The fans are installed in the windows. They are all turned on. No sleeping in the sun for us. Lucky Scooby is the “short hair”! Now we are talking about the 80’s in temperature and not like our friends to the south cooking in the hundreds. Hopefully the wind won’t bring that up here to us. We are not used to that type of heat. We will all be lounging in shady spots or in front of the fans. Wish the days were shorter so the sun would not be up so very long into what should be the night. Sunday was the Summer Solstice– we had our longest day and the nights will gradually get longer and longer a few minutes every day as they count down to Christmas! Doesn’t look like I am going to be able to watch the sun at Stonehenge this year. Where did I store the Christmas tree?

Scooby in red sunglasses
Fashionable Scooby
Greg at Stonehenge
Greg at Stonehenge (1987)
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