opie the lioness

Enter the Lioness

Enter the Lioness shows Opie after going to the groomer. Opie had some matted fur and it was beyond my ability to get rid of, so off she went to the groomer. It went pretty well and now she is in a much better mood with her new haircut. It has been several years since she had her last one.

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What day is it? EVERYDAY!

What day is it? EVERYDAY! X’ing off the days on the calendar has never been more important! I wonder if the cats know the difference? I think they notice the changes in the weather. First we had unseasonable hot weather to suffer through, and then we had wildfire smoke to breathe, and now today the typical Pacific Northwest constant rain falling down cleaning everything. The cats still lie about and try to find something to do but mostly it is sleep.

Opie and toys
Opie and some toys
Scooby catching a few rays
Zeke zonked out!
Scooby in his bug out bag
Watching TV
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