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Cat Food Shortages

Today I show the cat food shelves at my local unnamed supermarket. It is worse than ever. It is almost impossible to buy the canned food my cats like. I got on my hands and knees and found two 24 can variety packs shoved all the way to the back of the bottom shelf. In true hoarder fashion I took them both. It is every cat for himself it looks like. Not having success ordering on line either so I been getting more expensive foods to try on everybody. At least they eat it. Zeke is worried. He is a big foodie. I am officially now a cat food hoarder. If this gets worse and it probably will since nothing seems to get better, things are going to get bad.

You are making me worried and hungry! How about a snack now?
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Emergency cat supplies

This post is about preparing for emergencies–primarily for your cats! It needed an update and rewrite, so here it is!

Everyday on the television news, we see films of natural disasters. We see hurricanes. We see tornadoes. We see floods. We see earthquakes and tidal waves and war. We see failed nuclear power reactors spewing radiation. We see volcanos erupting. Wherever you live, there is something that could happen to you. Some disasters are more likely than others in the area where you live.

Where I live, the largest threats are earthquake or volcanic eruption. There is a risk when living within sight of a dormant volcano. The volcano in my neighborhood is Mount Rainier. It is 14,411 feet high.

Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier

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