Scooby blitz week

Scooby blitz week starts today. It has been a very long time since we did “blitz week” here at the Feline Cafe. What is it? Each weekday this week starting today I will post a photo of Scooby heretofore unseen. Friday will be the final day. So let us get started!

scooby hat

Scooby wearing snowman hat

Scooby sweater

Scooby fashion: New sweater

Scooby got a new sweater with a snowman on it at Christmas past. He is modelling it for you today. It is not like one of those “ugly” Christmas sweaters. He only has it on in the house a few minutes so he does not get overheated. Scooby is my only short-hair cat. He is very good with clothing–but not so good with deer. We have had several deer visits over the holidays, and it makes him a very nervous boy. I wish he could get over it, or the deer would go somewhere else! Anyway, here he is in the new sweater.

Scooby cat
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Scooby cat inside

Winter fashion / first snow with Scooby

In this post Scooby models the latest winter fashion.

A while back Scooby got a new (dog) coat, and today he wears it with his new snowman hat. It has holes for the ears, and flaps that go over them. There are a few adjustment problems as it falls over his eyes sometimes or goes sideways, but he does not care. He is just happy to be walking outside. This is the first time he has been in the snow since he moved in with me. I do not know if he experienced any in his previous life. He was definitely an indoor cat, so I doubt it. So, let us get on with the show.

Scooby getting ready to go outside

(Above) Getting ready to go outside.

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