cat and books

The Magician’s apprentices / Medusa

Becoming a magician and absorbing all these spells makes us sleepy. We need lighter reading!

cat and books




Zeke and Marigold

Fuzzy Bookworms

I think these are the books you two are looking for. I will read you a story later.


Little Golden Books


I plucked this Medusa post of mine out of a parallel universe. If you have seen it before, you must have travelled in time and space. Some of you familiar with the Classics, know of the Greek hero Perseus who has many perilous encounters with gods and mythical creatures. One of these creatures is Medusa. She was a woman who had an indiscretion with Poseidon in the temple of Athena. The goddess was angry about that, and turned Medusa’s hair into snakes! Other sources say that she was one of three sisters, known as Gorgons, born of ancient marine gods, who had wings, and snakes for hair.

The important thing to know is that looking upon her face would turn one to stone. The classic 1983 film “Clash of the Titans” graphically shows the story of her death. A little known fact is that Perseus brought cats along with him on his adventures . . .

Medusa by Caravaggio 1595
(Caravaggio 1595)

Marigold and stone cat

Ignore her like me, Fluffy! Too late!