Steamboat Queen

Marigold dice ball


Marigold was a steamboat queen,

The purrtiest cat that you’ve ever seen!

With long creamy hair

And those big green eyes,

We’re all in love.

I can tell no lies!

She has a picture in bed,

Hangin’ over the bar.

The sultriest cat in the bay by far.

She runs the gambling tables,

The dice and the wheel,

And it’s not just by chance

That you got a bad deal!

It’s snake eyes you’ll get,

DON’T you know?

Whether Anchorage, Alaska,

or cold Juneau.

Seattle, Tacoma,

Vancouver too,

She’ll win your money–

Nothing you can do.

Cats, stay away

From her games of sin,

And the green-eyed temptress

Who will lure you in,

With plates of fresh tuna–

Everything is free!

Won’t you sit a while and

Play a little game with me?

Marigold cat bed

Hanging over the bar

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(The featured photo of Marigold with ball and die is from 2013. She is doing quite well at the moment.)

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Winners! Cat Coloring Book Give-Away!!! “Curious Cats” by Susan T. Hall

Greg is so happy to report after following Caren on “Cat Chat with Caren and Cody” for more years than he can remember, he finally won a prize!  It feels good to be a winner! I am so happy!  I feel like Scrooge on Christmas day!  Love you too, Christine!

via Cat Chat with Caren and Cody

See the prize details:

via Contest Details Cat Chat with Caren and Cody

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Craig and Spike

Graig and Spike

For a feline friday post I press this post from Christine’s Spike the Scottish Black Cat.  Spike and Graig have an interesting relationship.  Graig is Spike’s neighbour.  Sometimes they get along and sometimes they do not!  Here we see quite a few photos of them in a photo gallery getting along outside


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