Spirit orb of a ghost cat

What is an orb?  

What is a spirit  or ghost orb? 

What is “backscatter” in photography? 

Did I photograph a ghost cat? 

I will address these questions today with two  original still photographs.



     To give an idea of what I am talking about, please examine the photograph above.  The photo is of a friend of mine, Christine, used by permission.  I did not take the photograph, and none of my cameras were used.  No alteration by digital means has been done, except that I cropped the photograph smaller, and protected her identity by cropping out most of  her face.  You will notice a transparent, round “bubble” floating in the photograph.  That is an orb.

Before I discuss the paranormal, let me first discuss the phenomenon of  “backscatter.” 

Backscatter  is caused by the reflection of light back into the camera lens by very small particles of dust, moisture  or rain or snow in the air, and different pollens as well.  This happens because the distance on small digital cameras between the camera lens and flash unit is very small, causing light to reflect directly back into the camera lens. A “bubble” effect is created. The vast majority of orb photographs are caused by this. 

“Search” orbs on the web and you will find hundreds of orb photographs  Almost all of these are taken outside in the dark AT NIGHT.  They can mostly all be ruled out due to backscatter.  Remember the particles you must avoid stirring up if you seek a good paranormal orb.  Note that the photo above is not outside in the dark. 

     The spirit orb is believed  in paranormal circles to be the soul of a deceased person (or animal) or an energy manifestation of a deceased person.

I believe both the location of the spirit orb, and the particular day and time it appears has a significance in “authenticating” the manifestation. 

In the first photograph, the mother of the subject is deceased, and the photograph was taken on Mother’s Day as a Mother’s Day photograph.  This is what made me notice the orb straight away.  It would be a good story if the orb were genuine, but I have my doubts.  Note the brightness of the wood directly below the orb and the brightness of the wall. Apparently the flash unit was firing directly at the orb position.  I believe this is a case of backscatter–a dust particle dead-ahead reflected the flash directly back into the camera lens creating the transparent orb. 

     Do not give up the search! When looking through photographs for spirit orbs, look at those taken on special days such as weddings and birthdays and other holidays.

Location is also important.  I would be suspect of spirit orbs showing up in a photo of you  on  a Saturday evening in a shopping mall.  A location familiar or significant  to both you and the deceased is more likely a place to photograph a genuine spirit orb. 

“Haunted” locations are also a good bet, if you are in the spirit-hunting mood, such as churchyards and battlefields and old abandoned buildings, or a house inside which someone died.

Ghost Cat Orb Comes For Lunch 550 txt wordpress

     Time passed before I accidentally noticed the orb on this photograph! At first it looks like there is a white knob on the cabinet door to the right of the cats, but that is NOT the case! Look closer and you will see it is a white, semi-transparent orb!  Once again, this is not outside in the dark.  Note the shadow on the floor of the cabinet made by the recessed floodlight above.  This is just an ordinary 60 watt lamp, not an intense flash.  The light source is not near the camera lens. Neither is it directly in front of the camera.  I have not altered the photograph except it’s size..  Also note the orb is not clear like a bubble but has “energy” inside!  This is an important feature to look for.  (This photo has been stolen multiple times, so it was replaced with this “marked” photo.)


     Is there any significance to this place for a spirit orb?  To me it is obvious:  I have just called the cats to come for the dinners I put down, and one of my deceased cats showed up as well–a ghost cat!  Note the orb hovers above the extra plate of food on the floor on the right. I believe this is a genuine orb photograph and a ghost cat visit!.

     You may take another look at some of your old photographs, as the spirit orbs do not always jump out at you from the photograph, and you may miss them. 

Can you make digital videos of spirit orbs?  Yes, and I have one which I may discuss at a later date.  It was an extremely rare and lucky shot–“luck” being the operative word!  The same backscatter rules apply to video. 

I have also been trying to “manufacture” my own  backscatter example for this blog, but I have been unsuccessful doing it. This rules out a camera effect. If you take a photo and your room is full of orbs, you probably need to do some house cleaning! I do suggest doing a search on the web for spirit orbs and viewing the samples displayed.  You will readily notice the difference between mine and those displayed. 

If you read anything about “quantum physics”, you will realize that reality is not  what it appears to be!