Loose Ends

Loose Ends. A cat sleeps in a box to protect himself from sharks. From 2011 a ghost orb comes for lunch.

feeding cats and ghost orb
Top to bottom Gracie Peep Zeke Opie and Ghostly white orb most likely a ghost cat top right
signature greg
signature greg

The Ghost in the penthouse

The penthouse has become very popular with Miss Opie and her brother Zeke, since I moved it to where the Christmas tree used to stand.  Zeke likes to jump upon the dining room table, and then jump into the top of the penthouse, where he rests or sleeps.  Opie likes to sleep up there as well.  We will see Zeke on the table, ready to jump into the penthouse, but Opie is in there!  At this time of day, he is supposed to sleep there.  Does she not know this?  Below, he is too tired to hold his head up.  Note that the curtains behind him are tightly closed.

100_5483P c nmd

It has been a very long time since I have seen any “ghostly” anomalies in any of my photographs.  The previous post was written in 2011. Sometimes I just take random room photographs.  Then, I examine them.  For a very long time—nothing.  In the photo of Zeke above, the orange glow is from a lamp in the far corner of the room, reflecting upon the glass in the picture frame.  The next photograph is different.


Above we see Zeke disappointed to find Opie in his place.  Above Zeke’s head is a large transparent object.  Is it a reflection from the window?  Is it a reflection from anything else?  You can see the curtains are tightly closed on both photographs.  There is nothing over there to reflect off.  Perhaps it is one of my four (yes, 4) ghost cats checking out the new penthouse?  I wish I had aimed the camera a little bit higher!  The photographs were taken 2 days apart with different cameras.  I have since taken photographs, trying to reproduce the same mysterious effect.  I cannot duplicate the “ghost.”

I believe in both human and cat ghosts.  This is not because I am crazy.  This is because I have seen, heard, and felt them.  Just because you do not believe something, does not mean it is not true!  If you have lost a cat to death, pay attention to your surroundings.  You may get a surprise if you look hard enough!


“I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” (“Ghostbusters” 1984)

Marigold and opie on computer table