Mail order “Mega Spiral Penthouse” for cats

opie inspecting box
unassembled cat furniture
opie inspecting new cat furniture
marigold in penthouse plus opie

This will be my first blog of the new year 2014.  Let us get down to the business at hand.  I purchased the “Mega Spiral Penthouse” from a “Drs. Foster and Smith” mail order catalog.  I ordered it long before Christmas.  I received it long before Christmas.  I put it together long before Christmas.  I stored it in a large closet.  The box it came in was too heavy for me to lift.  I emptied the box in the hallway, and put it together there. 

Above see Opie inspecting the box.

Above are the parts.  How did they all fit into that box?  The instructions say that all that is needed to put it together is a 7/16 inch wrench.  That is true, but it is slow to do.  I found using a ratchet with a 7/16 inch socket to be much faster!  I did have some trouble putting together the two long round posts.  They were a bit difficult to line up properly.  Below see Opie inspecting the construction progress.

Here is the finished penthouse.  There is a dangling “break-away” yellow ball toy attached by a snap.  There is a scratching post.

I tried several tricks to get the cats interested in the new penthouse.  They were ignoring it.  I noticed the carpet on it has a strong smell.  Maybe they do not like it.  Catnip was no help.  Playing with toys upon it did not work.  Putting packing paper upon it got some attention.  Opie is making close observation of Marigold in the penthouse.

As the days passed, the cats got more interested.

zeke and opie cat trees

The paper was no longer necessary.  I am satisfied with it.
I moved it over to where the Christmas tree used to stand.  They were missing the tree. UPDATE Feb 26, 2019: We still use it every day.