Foggy October Morning in the Catio

It is a typical foggy October morning here in the Pacific Northwest. I sit at the computer drinking my morning cuppa Joe. I remember when we were complaining about all the sunshine and the extreme heat! Now it is gone, and the furnace kicks on in the early morning. I like it to be warm when I crawl out of bed. When it gets colder, I will be having furry company in bed at night. First thing though is to open the window and let the Maine Coons out into the catio, so they can see if anything has changed overnight.

 There were some black bears up a tree nearby earlier this week.  Animal control got them down and returned them to the forest.  I have my own little forest in the back as you can see.  Deer and squirrels and red-tail hawks frequent it.  

(Marigold, not a coon,  marches to a different drummer, and has her own routine.) Once the coons are satisfied, they come inside for their breakfast. After breakfast, they go back outside again.

Zeke and Opie

What can we see?

2 cats in catio

Opie and Zeke in the catio Smile!

Opie in catio

Opie resting her eyes!



  1. Always nice to see how satisfied your cats are, inside the house or outside in the catio. They are having their own paradise 😉

    Greetings to you all



  2. Nice setup! My cats would love such a space. And quite the tease that we have to wait until next year to see the Catio 2.0! I bet it’s bigger and better! And the name change too, almost didn’t recognize you!


  3. Love the photos our mornings are the same although when the fog clears the sun comes out the weather has been great maybe abit to hot for Spike…..went to beach Wednesday will send photos soon…

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  4. Fog is thick still, probably burn off by noon. I have a couple bushes popular with hummingbirds. One of my cats killed one. Why they fly into the catio I do not know. I have had several birds fly through the catio window into the house, which usually causes a small riot!


  5. I must be in the “no fog” belt this morning. It seems to be north and south of me but I have sunshine. Funny what a difference a few miles can make.
    Diavolo is out enjoying his favorite spot on our patio/catio combo.
    Looks like another beautiful day in our neighborhood here.
    I have all kinds of wildlife here too….birds, hummingbirds (Diavolo caught and ate one of those last week!), raccoons and a very brave squirrel who comes on the patio to bury peanuts in my potted plants.

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  6. Wonderful “catio”! Weather here stays pretty much the same. Hot 😹😹
    But come winter it gets so pleasant I just love it. Your yard sounds so purrrfectly lovely. Enjoy it Opie & Zeke! (& Marigold, what nice names!) 😸😻

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    1. Weather here in fall and winter is basically what you see in the photos. Lovely yard? The grass is always greener. . . .

      Cat names: Marigold was the name given her at the inhumane society shelter. I decided to keep it the same. Opie is a female, and not named after that red-headed kid in the old tv shows. A corruption of Ophelia–Hamlet’s girlfriend. Zeke is named after the prophet Ezekial, who never died but was whisked away to heaven in a golden chariot. Zeke got whisked away to here avoiding death as well.

      Thanks for your interest.

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        1. There is a post in draft about how I built the catio, which will eventually appear, complete with a couple photos. As you can probably tell, the old one has seen a lot of weather, and a brand new one is in the plans for next year. I check the old one when I am outside to be certain it is sturdy and secure.

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