Tie a yellow ribbon round the old cat tree

♫ Tie a yellow ribbon round the old cat tree.
It’s been 17 years.
Do you still love me?



Opie Zeke

Opie and Zeke




Opie ROAR!

I built this cat tree out of scrap lumber, rope, and carpet. The oldest photo I found easily was a room photo from 1999 (not shown), but the tree carpet is missing. It may be a little older. I had trouble getting the carpet to stay on. The ropes have been replaced countless times. I found no photographs with Marigold on the cat tree. She used to climb upon it, but just scratches the bottom today. It looks rough, and I thought of getting rid of it, but it is still very popular. I never could find a good place for my pencil sharpener, so it is screwed onto the cat tree for decades, and I still use it! Guess I will have to keep it afterall!



  1. I thought maybe the cats used the sharpener on their claws, extra feature for them but it’s not about them at all! I hope you pay them rent to have your sharpener mounted on their tree!

  2. Lieber Greg,

    da hat sich dein Werk ja besten bewährt, wenn die Katzen noch heute auf dem Kratzbaum Platz finden. Ganz toll!
    Bei uns liegt immer noch ein Birkenstamm, der darauf wartet vom Mann des Hauses zu einem Katzenbaum verarbeitet zu werden. 🙂

    Ich wünsche dir und deinen Katzen weiterhin eine gute Zeit.
    Alles Liebe.

    Liebe Grüsse

  3. what a great idea and it must be very sturdy for lasting this long we,re for ever fixing them at the cats protection.Spike would love one like that. As for the pencil sharpener only you would think of a thing like that what a great idea.

    1. Way back when, I was too cheap to buy a cat tree.
      I do not remember how old my metal pencil sharpener is. Good luck finding one. But I always know where it is. Does anyone else use wooden pencils any more? I do have a lot of wooden coloured art pencils.

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