Scooby & Katzenworld tummy rub tuesday

Scooby is featured on Katzenworld’s TRT#138  today Tuesday March 21. Since you are already HERE, the photo I used is shown below. If you came here from Katzenworld, I have added a bonus tummy photo for you to view.

Additionally, Zeke was featured on  Katzenworld’s TRT#56 and also  Katzenworld TRT#100

There is much going on in the photo. Firstly it was taken shortly after I adopted him. As you can see, he is thoroughly enjoying his catnip banana. When I first brought him home, he was like a lost soul. He just looked around and did nothing. He responded to nothing. It took quite a while for him to come out of his shell, but he is a busy boy now! I love the spots on his belly.

Scooby the cat nip nana

This is MY nip nana!

Here is a brand new sleeping Scooby displaying his tummy taken two days ago. He has his winter coat.  I wish I could sleep like that! Actually, I could if the cats did not bother me at night!

Scooby cat sleeping

Scooby sleeping



  1. Well done Scooby …’ve got a gorgeous tummy nice to see you so relaxed…definitely a cat’s life.x🐾🐾🐾😻💜

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  2. So nice to see Scooby on Tummy Rub Tuesday. Always nice to see cats I feel like I know.
    Marc and Iain will be visiting with me here (yes, in Venice) later this week. I hope to introduce them to some Venetian cats.

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