There is a new carrot in town . . .

There is a new carrot in town, and it’s name is “NIP”!

Looks like Scooby got to the new catnip carrot first, and is not letting it go!  We have never had a nip vegetable as a cat toy before.  Looks like the day is planned out for Scooby!

Scooby Marigold carrot

Scooby and Marigold

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        1. It was caused by my own action. Been getting lots of s-p-a-m wanting me to buy gold, so I put the word “gold” in the “moderate comments with” section. Today everyone who wrote MariGOLD got dumped into moderation!

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  1. I can see Marigold in the background thinking see these young ones,I don’t understand the fascination with a carrot maybe I should investigate while Scooby is having a cat nap. Looks like Scoobys had fun.x🐾🐾🐾🐾😸😻💕

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    1. She looks like a little angel or devil sitting on the chair rung, whispering in Scooby’s ear, but I did not go with that idea. She is wondering what is going on. Sorry you got dumped in the “moderation” bin. Everyone who wrote Marigold went in there, but I fixed it.


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