Use Earth Friendly Shopping Bags

Use earth friendly bags and not disposable plastic bags.  July 12 Tacoma passed a law–no more flimsy plastic bags.  (I’m a little late on this post, but we get there in the end!)  They endanger marine wildlife and clutter the landscape. If you need a bag, you have to pay 5 cents for a recyclable paper bag or reusable bags will also be available for purchase. Grocery produce bags, dry cleaning bags, and newspaper bags are still allowed and free.  Low income people receiving certain benefits get bags for free. That is good news for the cats as they like paper bags. I have quite a few reusable shopping bags of my own.  Marigold is more of a “box cat” than a “bag cat” so she does not appear today.  Let’s see the cats being earth-friendly.

Opie on paperbag


Zeke in paper bag


Scooby in shopping bags


Opie in shopping bag


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    1. Having lived in England during the last century, I was used to carrying my own fabric shopping bag around the shops like everybody else. Many cities and towns in Washington State have banned or are banning those plastic bags. This state is very environmentally conscious in all areas. Water and air cleanliness are high priorities.


  1. Lieber Greg

    Oh ja…die Katzen lieben sie…die Tüten, Taschen und Kartons. 😀
    Unsere verstecken sich auch gern mal unter eine Decke.
    Tolle Bilder hast du von deinen Katzen in ihrem “Versteck” gemacht.


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  2. We’ve been doing this for many many years (Claire does this since she’s born). And she has her own small reusable mesh bags to buy fruits and veggies. Purrs

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  3. I think I was the first person in the US to take my own bag to the store… as a kid my mom (mum) sent me to the shops with a shopping bag so I was used to it. Now I have about a thousand bags in my car and another thousand in the house for when I walk to the market. Slight exaggeration… but I never leave home without my own shopping bag!

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    1. Opie is the paper bag queen. More than one city here has banned them. The entire country of Kenya has banned them with hefty fines and jail time! The bags were a blight on the countryside.


  4. “July 12 Tacoma passed a law–no more flimsy plastic bags.” No way, that’s awesome! 🙂 I use re-usable folding bags whenever I go out shopping and have for a long while. Every little bit helps!

    Thanks for showing us what to do with our earth-friendly bags after we humans are done using them, kitties! We will definitely donate them to your cause! (entertainment 😉 ). 2 uses in 1! 🙂

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