Catio Nights

This post is about catio nights.

I only let the cats out in the catio in the dark when I am awake.  When I go to sleep every one must come in.  Sometimes some coaxing is required, but all in all, they are pretty good about coming in on command.  There is a wooded area in the back of my lot, which is of great interest to the cats, because of the birds and other critters that like it out there.  Many hours is spent in surveillance.  Additionally, Scooby is the only cat that looks up to watch the airplanes flying over the house.  The other cats take no notice.  Sometimes they hang out until after sundown.  Early in the morning when I get up before sun up, they go out again.  It is primarily the boys–Scooby and Zeke–who are interested in staying out after dark.



Scooby Zeke

Scooby and Zeke

Scooby Zeke




  1. We’re lucky to be able to let our cat go out when he wants to. As far as I can tell, given that I’m asleep through most of his favorite roaming time, his favorite favorite time is just before dawn.

      1. I ;haven’t taken a survey. We live far enough off a main road to risk it, although our previous cat, Smudge, had a huge range that took him across the road.He was hit by a car eventually. But he wasn’t a cat we could’ve kept in. He came from a farm and was used to coming and going as he pleased. He’d have scratched his way out if we’d tried to keep him in.

        Fast Eddie stays closer to home, and I’m grateful. I’m sure they’d both tell me it’s the British way to do things and I’d better damn well adapt.

  2. That is smart to make them come in at night. I would be afraid something could break in. Thank you for the kind words you left for Phoebe, they are appreciated.

    1. Even though the catio is small, there is plenty of stimulation, especially since it is pouring down now! Only Zeke the Maine Coon ventures into the rain. There are many fantastic catios to find on the net. When I built this is 2001 I had nothing to go on.

  3. Definitely interested in the night life, eh?! I know mine like to “window shop” at night. I think the primary sights are rabbits and people driving by, but that keeps the kitty boys interested.

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