Scooby’s Autumn walkabout / Catio tag

This post displays two very short videos of Scooby’s Autumn walkabout, followed by some still photographs. Each video is only 38 seconds long. There is a little dog barking in both videos. He is not barking at Scooby. The dog cannot see Scooby and does not know he is there. Scooby is looking around, wondering where all that barking is coming from. You may see a white mailbox in the video on a tree stump. I am installing it for Bigfoot, so I don’t have to share my mailbox with him.

Catio Tag

Catio Zeke Scooby

Hi Zeke!

Zeke Scooby Catio

Is that really you, Scooby?

Catio Zeke Scooby

Let’s play tag!

Scooby Zeke catio

See you later!

zeke scooby catio



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  1. Cats run the Internet? Too funny.
    Your cats are beautiful. I love the color of their coat. I have three dogs myself. I just got my Chihuahua this month.
    I met you at Suzie’s blog party. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. That’s when I write about. I also have blog parties like Suzie. I am actually having one this weekend and would love for you to come.

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  2. When I saw that last photo, I laughed and imagined the cat inside the cage saying, as it reached out to swat the orange cat in the rump, “It isn’t fair. You are not in a cage and you can go exploring with your pet human. By the way, do you always take your pet human out on a leash for a walk? Can’t you trust them?”

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    1. The cat on the leash is the only one trained and gets to walk about outside. The others are confined to the house and catio, especially the one shown behind the wire! I am visiting your blog now.


  3. Love those pictures of you two playing tag.

    Darn Scooby; you are very brave inspecting when you hear barking like that! I’d expect most cats to want to run and hide.

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    1. Scooby has no fear of anything and no self defense skills. When I first got him I thought he was deaf, but he is not. He can hear the sound of a cat food lid opening from far away! There seems to be something mentally off with him but I do not know why. Further investigation is required. Perhaps one day I shall write about it. He would not survive outside alone. He is very loveable.


  4. Scooby looks very confident walking around outside. I’ve taken all my cats out on a harness and some do better than others. Raven tends to startle very easily so our trips are usually very short.

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  5. Very nice videos of Scooby on harness. I always wanted to teach a cat to walk on harness but alas I never had the time to be patient to teach any of my cats. Maybe one day I will begin by just letting him/her wear a harness in the house under supervision so that he/she will become accustomed to the harness and then proceed from there.

    Your kitties are very handsome and I know that you are very proud of them. I believe that you dote on your cats and that is a very good thing.

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  6. Very cute videos, Scooby is such a cutie. Good job catching him through the fence Zeke 🙂 Do you get a turn on the harness now?

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  7. Purrfect 😻 what a beautiful Autumn day Scooby is making the most off his walk about.Zeke won paws up.🐾🐾🐾🐾.x😻😸🐾🐾🐾🍁🍂🍃🍁🍂🍃

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