I won a prize!

I won an actual physical prize for the first time.  I won it through luck of the draw.  I won it from Tails from the Foster Kittens.

Here they are:



Scooby book

Scooby would like a story.

There is a book of true life cat stories and a heart with a paw print on the front. There are at least two stories of Christmas cats in the book, I think. We like stories about Christmas cats! We are happy to have received our generous prizes from Connie.

New post Wednesday Oct 25!

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  1. Well done! The only things I’ve ever won are a banana-shaped musical instrument when I was a child, and a tube of interference medium (a type of paint) – and I didn’t even known I’d entered a competition for the latter!!

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    1. Sorry I am late responding, Tabbies. Scooby likes a short read just before he settles down for his afternoon nap. The stories are kinda long in the book, and cannot be finished in a single read, so it will last a while. Thanks for your visit and comment, and we shall continue following the Basterd Turkey serial.


    1. Sorry for responding so late. Most contests have “feminine” prizes so I generally don’t bother to enter because I do not want to win. Maybe I should suggest a Cat Man only contest? If I did one, I already know who would win among my small male following.

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  2. This is great news and congratulations. You won a nice little book and I have just finished reading it for the second time. I liked just about all the stories. This is a Guideposts book and I believe there is also one about dogs. I got the book from my local library.

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