The Gathering

Hey, I am trying to watch a movie!  What are you all staring at me for?

Marigold Opie Scooby

Top to bottom: Marigold, Opie, Scooby


Zeke above on balcony

Below, a rare photo of all four together.  Zeke tried to make a run for it!

4 cats

Clockwise from top: Zeke, Opie, Marigold, Scooby



  1. I think they might have been telling you that the chair was warmed sufficiently for them. Either that or they’re wondering where the snacks are for the movie. 🙂

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    1. Hi Douglas, it seems I am stuck on your blog’s spam folder again … my comments always vanish into thin air – would you check? Thanks.
      Hope Greg doesn’t mind me hijacking his comment thread for this purpose.

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    2. I always try to get cats that look entirely different from one another so I get their names correct. Nowadays I have been calling some by the names of former cats I had who died and look like them.


  2. Great photo what do you think they’re all wanting or waiting for?..Love the photo with the sun shining in.x🐾🐾🐾🍁

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  3. Lieber Greg,

    da bist du umgeben von einer Katzenbande. 🙂
    Zeke weiss eben, dass von oben die Übersicht besser ist.
    Es sieht aus, als ginge es euch allen gut. Das freut mich.

    Eine schöne Herbstzeit und viele tolle Momente.

    Julia mit Fiona & Finn

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