Starring Marigold

Marigold does not always get the all the air time she deserves.  She was arrested by Animal Control at the age of 4 while roaming the mean streets of Tacoma, Washington. She is the only cat I have with “street smarts”. She is going on 15 years old now.  So, here she is:

Marigold christmas tree

Marigold Christmas

Marigold Opie Scooby

Marigold and Zeke. Scooby is above Marigold completely buried in paper!

Scooby hiding

Is that Scooby in there?

Marigold tent

Marigold in the tent

marigold in bed



What is going on?

Greg Marigold

watching tv with Marigold




  1. Das hat sie auch wirklich verdient und sie weiß auch genau wie gut sie es bei dir hat. Das viele Papier ist ein wahres Katzenparadies. Da würde sich Gismo auch sofort wohlfühlen und reinlegen^^

    Liebe Grüsse


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  2. Ah Marigold you are so cute! I also like your crochet chicken leg/drumstick and goldfish(?) toys in one of the Christmas photos.Maybe I can get Mom to crochet me some too!
    Your friend, Foster

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  3. Love orange cats and Marigold is a beauty. She knows how to enjoy the good life- something that she did not have when on the streets. I’ve had three orange females at one time but, I am now down to only Tooley who we found as a four or five month old kitten hiding in the workshop in our backyard. I have no idea if she was born of a feral mother or was dumped at our back fence. Solid orange females are considered rare and only 30% of solid orange cats a females. I think that is an interesting fact that I discovered years ago.

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  4. I had a ginger tabby I called Louie (as in Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong, another Kool Kat!). He was a wonderful kitty boy, funny, affectionate, and an adoptee from the local shelter after he was “arrested” for wandering without a collar in a fancy part of town.

    He definitely had street smarts and I had to monitor his walks after I realized he went around the neighborhood beating up other cats!.

    Oh well! I got some exercise and learned how well he stayed in the area I knew was safe for him.

    Unfortunately, he died after 22 months with lymphoma, but he made me a ginger cat fan for life! Marigold seems to follow the pattern, having street smarts but lots of love for the lucky human in her life!

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