Out into the Night’s Gale / A personal note

There was a gale at night–a nights gale–or could it be a “nighting gale?” It has not been so cold, and the boys really want to go out into the catio in the morning. They wait by the window for me to get out of bed for whatever reason at night. The best way to have peace is for me to just open it and go back to sleep. I check the structure regularly and although it is very old it is still solid. The camera flash illuminates them. When I look out it is so dark I cannot see them or anything else. The camera reveals. What they see only they know, and they are not telling. There is a small stand of tall pines behind the house which is shelter to birds and small animals.  The girls do not seem to be interested in going out much any more, especially not at night in the cold and rain..


Zeke Scooby catio

Scooby Zeke

scooby zeke cats catio

A Personal Note

For the first time ever, I tell you dear Readers that I am having difficulties continuing this blog. I have been doing this since 2013 on WordPress. Doubts happen to everyone, I know, for different reasons. Things seem to be changing here, but I cannot say how or why. There are no health issues. I am very distracted from this to say the least. I plan to try to keep up the pace.



  1. I go through long stretches too, where I just don’t feel like posting. I went all summer and fall without posting anything, then got the urge again this month and hope to get back into a routine. I think you just need to take a break once in a while to recharge. I’ll really miss you and the gang while you’re gone, though. Yours is one of my favourite blogs to read. Hope you get your “blog mojo” back soon! 🙂

    1. I think I am getting my second wind already. I have some “emergency” blogs in the wings for just this occasion, and I will be tossing them out, may be starting this week. Thanks for liking my blog. You been a loyal viewer for a long time. Although I am not a knitter I look at your blog anyway, because I support my old time viewers. Have a pleasant week up there in Canada, Donna.

  2. Taking a break is a good idea. Lots of us do, and come back to our blogs with more energy. Otherwise the blog can start feeling a little too much like a treadmill – without the cardio-vascular benefits.

  3. Kitties love the darkness and all the mystery it brings.
    I’m an inconsistent blogger because I don’t have much to blog about. I like the idea of blogging without obligation. My blog is as much a diary for me and a way to remember noteworthy events as it is a way to share or be creative.

    1. Actually I don’t care if it is considered good or bad. As long as I like it, it is fine. I am getting too many followers and it is beginning to pressurize me. I liked being obscure. Thanks for your comment, Crystal.

    1. Julia, ich habe dein Blog besucht. Ich habe es kommentiert.

      English Readers: Julia has a new blog name and new theme in both looks and content. It looks great. She lives in Switzerland and has great scenic photos plus two cats. There is a translation widget in her sidebar so you can translate it easily into English, or whatever! I rarely promote blogs here so don’t ask me, but I will make this exception for my old friend.

  4. No worries at all. As you well know, I am very inconsistent with my blogging. I don’t know how people keep it up on a regular basis. It’s supposed to be fun. So if it isn’t… take a break!

  5. I will miss you but I completely understand; everyone has to post when possible, there are no schedules to be met. Take whatever time you need away, and post when you feel like it.

  6. Hoping you are all ok! You are preaching to the choir, (have you seen Dakota’s blog lately? I am lucky if I update it once a week) and often I am remiss lately posting on Cody’s. I have been blogging on Cody’s blog since 2009 and Dakota’s since 2011….now? I made a new “rule” for myself……….I am only blogging when I want to (I still shoot for 3 days a week on Cody’s but if that doesn’t happen, I am FINE with it)……praying all is well and I totally get it!

  7. I have you on my reader. When you feel like churning out another blog post, do it. When you have other things to do or think about – I will wait. I just hope whatever has to take priority right now is nothing that keeps you away forever.

    1. I have quite a few “emergency rations posts”. I used to joke, I could be dead and buried and no one would know as they automatically post. Just no commenting. I am dipping into the rations and setting them up, so no worries there. Thanks Fran.

  8. I, too, can’t keep up blogging like I did for a while. Sometimes I just can’t come up with a clever thought so I just pass.
    Your blog is yours. We look forward to reading your posts when you feel like it.
    Michelle and the boys

    1. I don’t feel like it, but I have a backlog of emergency posts for this type of occasion, so they will be autoposting and you won’t miss me. I cannot believe that there are people who actually say they would miss me!

  9. I’m happy to know it’s not a health issue. Every now and again we all need a break, so take care of you and the kitties. I’ll still be watching for your posts (even if I do lapse days on end, 😊)

  10. I had a long reply and then my computer just left your blog and went to some other news site. Makes me mad because my computer often leaves a site and goes to where ever it wants.

    At any rate, I hope you will continue- just post when ever you feel like it That is what I do. There are not rules about how often one must blog. I often am too depressed to post anything but blogging does help keep the brain exercised and I think it is a form of socialization which is a good thing. Take care and we’ll all be here again when you are.

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