Scooby in “Snomageddon”

Scooby in “Snomageddon” is a collection of photos of Scooby walking along the path I dug in the snow. Walking on concrete is fine, but he does not like the snow on his paw pads.

Scooby harness snow
Going out to check the mail.
Scooby on path thru snow
This path is very convenient and cat friendly.
Scooby walking down path in snow
I love going for a brisk walk
Scooby lead snow
Pretty deep here. Can’t go walking across this!
Scooby lead snow
Deepest snow I have ever been out in, say the Scoob.
Scooby lead snow
No mail today. Don’t think it’s coming. Only one way back to the house. Ready for a warm nap by the fire.
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  1. Scooby you are so adventurous to go out in the snow like that! Our mom doesn’t let us go outside at all, so we have never seen snow…wait, we live in Fresno, we wouldn’t have seen snow even if we did go outside! 🤣🤣
    Your friends,
    Foster and Panda 🐱🐼

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  2. Hokey smokes, Scooby! You must really love the outdoors to step into that snow. Hope you and your dad still have power; my kiddo in Olympia says he lost his internet connection this morning, and now his mobile phone service. He called from the diner where he works and where they still have an old-fashioned wire phone: but at some point he has to go home and face a night with no online video games. Horrors. [sarcasm]

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    1. I am happy to say I did not lose power or anything else. I was ready though. I am always ready. I had fresh batteries in my multi-band radio so I can stay in touch with the world regardless. I am snowed in as I cannot walk in this far. If I had enough cats like Scooby, I could harness them up to pull me in a sled! Thanks for your comments Hangaku!


    1. Thanks Mia. A warm weekend–not happening! A wonderful weekend–too early to say but not likely. I am snowed in. Scooby has been asking to go outside today AGAIN! Not happening Scooby! What to do next is my big question. Thanks for your visit and comments Mia, and have fun down south there in California today and tomorrow.

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      1. You’re welcome Greg. I should have worded that as, “stay warm”, which I hope you did. It’s been unusually cold here with a lot of rain, thankfully no snow, and more wet weather in the forecast. I imagine the storms will bring you even more snow. Hope you’re having a good Wednesday so far. ~ Mia

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