Zeke the other snow cat

Zeke is the other snow cat. He is a Maine Coon and loves all types of weather. He is always wanting out in the catio to check the weather out first thing in the morning. The catio has no roof, but is partially protected by the overhang of the roof eave.

This is the end of our snow series, as warm air is arriving from the south and will be melting everything extremely rapidly. If we are lucky, that will be the last of the snow for us this Winter! Christmas I would have thought snow beautiful and appropriate. In February it was a giant nuisance!

Zeke c atio snow
Zeke in the catio checking the snow
Zeke cat
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  1. The end of snow fur the year? MeOW that’s pawsum. We luvved seein’ the kitties in it. Zeke looks great, but we think Scooby takes the cake out fur a stroll. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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  2. Good morning Greg! Zeke has a beautiful coat and looks gorgeous against a snowy backdrop. Hope this is the last of the snow for you. I don’t know if we experience the same storms, if so maybe more rain and or snow for you. Take good care and please stay warm. ~ Mia

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