A House Cat’s Life

A House Cat’s Life shows a few photos of the activities here at the felinecafe, to include walking outside, the catio, eating grass, playing, hiding, watching television, and warming up by the fireplace.

Scooby in harness outside
Wonder where Scooby will go next?
Scooby harness
Scooby eating grass
This looks like a good patch!
Opie Zeke bed
Opie and Zeke in bed
Scooby Zeke
Scooby wants to play
Scooby Zeke fighting
Scooby and Zeke boxing. Illegal punch to the throat!
scooby cat carrier
Scooby Going to the vet
Zeke eating
Zeke eating
Zeke catio
Zeke catio
Scooby catio
Scooby catching some rays
Zekee and tv
Zeke checking out a recipe
Scooby Zeke
Scooby and Zeke, Nemo and Spongebob
Scooby OPie fireplace
Opie and Scooby in Front of Fireplace
3 cats in front of fireplace
Left to Right Zeke, Scooby, and Opie in Front of Fireplace
Greg signature block small
signature greg


    1. Thanks Christine and Alex! Glad you enjoyed them all. I wanted every cat shown and not just Scooby but he was in most of the photos anyway! He does not want to be left out. Hope Spike and friends are doing ok, and you as well. 💟 you. xxx😻😻😻💕💏


    1. They sleep in the cat beds when the room is cold. Here it is too warm to curl up in them. Cats in the sunlight always look better for some reason. Opie always eats and asks for food on the cat tree. Zeke always arrives to eat up her left-overs! Thanks for your visit and comments! 😺


    1. They get along pretty well and can entertain themselves if need be. Would be nice if Spike, Graig and Pearl could get along better. Spike is so bossy! Thanks for your comment today Christine. 🐱 Hope all is well. Love 💘to you and Spike. xxx 💟💟💟😻😻😻


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