Christine’s Calendar Cat for November 2019

Zeke and Angel Marigold are my Love Christine’s Calendar Cat picks for November 2019. The calendar was a present made by link: Christine and Spike, and sent late last year for use this year. She could not know that our calendar girl Marigold would no longer be with us. Christine has been sending calendars to me from Scotland for many years now. They mean a lot.😻❤💕

Zeke Marigold November 2019 Calendar
Zeke and Angel Marigold
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  1. Another winner! Yep, Guy Fawkes Day coming up tomorrow. Get that bonfire going, roast the marshmallows and potatoes and scare the cats with sparklers! Always my favorite night of the year as a kid.

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    1. Thanks Leah. I do miss Marigold when I see her photos. Normally I think she is here in another room in one of her usual places. Did not expect her to miss Thanksgiving and Christmas. She was the old timer of the crew here. She will be back in December one more time. 😿


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