1. As long as he stays up on the seat. One of my former cats got under the brake pedal and I couldn’t get her out. Fortunately I was able to glide over to the shoulder and come to a rolling stop so I could grab her before disaster struck. That was the last time she was allowed to be free in the car! And since then I’ve never allowed a cat to travel out of the carrier. But I’m sure Scooby would never do anything like that!

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  2. What a calm beautiful ginger! Okay kitties, are you seeing this, he is in the car and not doing the cray-cray thing. Scooby, you set a good example for my ktties, thank you.

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  3. Scooby looks very relaxed in the car. Eric would fold his arms and accept his fate. Flynn would sing or maybe I should say scream the song of his ancestors all the way there, in the vet’s waiting room and all the way home again.

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