Scooby Stalking Opie

Scooby stalking Opie. That is what Scooby likes and it makes Opie furious! Zeke is Scooby’s toadie and follows him into the action. For this reason to keep the peace, Opie has her own room. Scooby is mostly barred from going inside but gets in frequently as the door is usually open, and only closed when trouble seems brewing. Do you have to keep your cats apart?

Scooby by door
I know you are in there, OPIE!
Opie and Cheetah
This is MY room keep out!
signature greg
signature greg


  1. We had that problem with Jo Jo and Nellie. That was the main reason Nellie came to Vancouver with me. We had to close Nellie into a room before going out or Jo Jo would terrorize her! Jo Jo does not like Marv very Much either but he is young and gives as good as he gets! It can be tough on us people when our “kids” don’t fet along.

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  2. Such cuties. Yes, Joanie is mostly in our room and the cats that are nice to her can go in. I have some bullies like Penny and Trouble plus Brody gets a little rough when playing.

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