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Pals (5). Today we show Zeke and Scooby relaxing together in what we here call “The Condo”. The Condo is pretty old and been ignored for quite a long time, but it has been rediscovered as you can see. To try and get a cat interested in something can be difficult. Better if they discover it themselves which is what they did. Moving it on top of a table in another room made it suddenly interesting. When one cat got in, the other had to follow. I am not sure they are happy both sharing the second floor! I don’t know who was there first. Happy Valentine’s Day as well. 😻😻😻

Zeke and Scooby
Zeke and Scooby BELOW: Zeke and Scooby from Feb 2016
zeke scooby
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  1. It’s sometimes strange how long a cat ignores something. Mr. Bowie and Jimi ignored a luxurious cat bed for years and suddenly they slept in it every day. The Condo seems to be a very comfortable place…

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