bobcat viewpoint

Return to NW Trek Wildlife Park

I returned to NW Trek Wildlife Park after posting photos only two weeks ago today. It is a very nice place to visit. It was a bit cold so I was glad I took my jacket. I also took a small camera to get better photographs, but the camera is not the problem it seems! I decided to post things that I did not post two weeks ago. By the way, the guy in the blue jacket is me.


I brought my small camera so I could get better photos than with my phone. See the quality improve!

tram and moose

A better camera is not always the solution! How many photos like this have you got?

MORE assorted animal photos follow:
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Marigold Scooby

Watching over the Scoob / NW Trek / Blogversary

As usual Marigold is watching over Scooby as he rests in his favorite blanket.

Marigold Scooby

Marigold and Scooby

Northwest Trek

Since this post is only one cat photo long, I decided to add something else. Northwest Trek is a wildlife park located not very far from where I live. Wildlife photos follow:
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