Happy 9th Blogversary

Happy 9th Blogversary

Happy 9th Blogversary. (Actually there was an earlier Blogger Feline Cafe but we don’t count it. A rare few of you old timers have seen it.) We appreciate all our readers new and old! I add today a few older photos.


Kittens Zeke and Opie
kitten opie
Kitten Opie
kitten zeke
Kitten Zeke
signature greg
signature greg
Happy 8th Blogversary

Happy 8th Blogversary

Happy 8th Blogversary to us. In the past eight years we lost one member, Marigold, and gained a new member–Scooby. Otherwise things haven’t changed. I did not expect to be posting this blogversary 8 but here we are–again. Thanks to all the readers both new and old, and especially thanks to those readers who have been around for years and years! You know who you are, and so do I! A few memories below:

4 cat header
Old Blog Header 2015
Zeke my first and only Gravatar in museum
short lived header
Short lived header Puget Sound
iMAC G3 (June 21, 2021 post)
signature greg
signature greg
Breaking News Happy 6th blogversaray Zeke

Happy 6th Blogversary!

Happy 6th WordPress “Feline Cafe” Blogversary! Today we will show some highlights from the past!

Greg signature block small
signature greg

Happy 5th Blogversary

Happy 5th Blogversary to us here on WordPress.  The Feline Cafe blog started in 2009 on Blogger with the same name. Things have changed as far as blog platforms and what is cool are concerned.  I will turn you over to Marigold and she will explain a few things. (There is a reason for using this image!)

Marigold cat

Marigold caricature used for announcements

Marigold here, although I don’t really look myself do I?

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Happy 4th Blogversary

Happy 4th Blogversary!

Feline Cafe
Happy 4th Blogversary to us! We have been banging out posts on the Feline Cafe here on WordPress for 4 years now. I am going to need a new typewriter ribbon soon! Every January I think, “How am I going to post all year long? I got nothing today!” Blogging never ends. It is like a long running soap opera: the story just goes on and on. . . . We had a new blog theme makeover.  We also got a new domain name.  Since we started here, we have never lost anyone!  How lucky is that? Time to give some credit to the staff here who keep things going.

zeke editor in chief


opie reporting

OPIE Reporter

Marigold magazine


Scooby delivery and subscriptions

Scooby Delivery & Subscriptions

GREG roving correspondent and photographer


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Marigold Scooby

Watching over the Scoob / NW Trek / Blogversary

As usual Marigold is watching over Scooby as he rests in his favorite blanket.

Marigold Scooby

Marigold and Scooby

Northwest Trek

Since this post is only one cat photo long, I decided to add something else. Northwest Trek is a wildlife park located not very far from where I live. Wildlife photos follow:
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