cat beds and washing machine

Marigold’s cat bed

Marigold sleeps in her orange cat bed most of the time. For that reason, it became time to give it a wash. It is over 6 years old. I got it at Walgreens. It seems to wash in the machine OK on gentle cycle and cold water. It must drip dry. I am afraid to put it into the dryer! It’s shape is getting a little saggy, but it is soft. Compare it to the tiger bed which has hardly been washed at all.

cat beds and washing machine

Cat beds going into washing machine

Marigold is not happy. She cannot find her bed.

Marigold in drawer

Can I sleep in here?

Marigold in box

Can I sleep in this box?

The good news is that the cat bed is clean and upon the drying rack. The face and tail are still intact. Soon Marigold can go back into her bed!

cat bed drying

Marigold’s cat bed is drying


Marigold in her clean cat bed!