Going crackers!

Last week I was going crackers with Cat Blitz Week, culminating in a new ghost cat post.  That is not all that was going on.

Snack truck

Ritz Snackify Truck

Above is the Ritz Snackify truck which travels about the country.  This is a photo of it just before it opened to dispense snacks of a crackery nature.  It is basically a travelling cracker “roach coach”.  You are probably wondering, as I did, if the wheels and other giant crackers are edible.  I decided to find out.
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Feline Cafe Control Center

Here we are at the Feline Cafe Control Center. We had a large project recently. We replaced Windows XP operating system with another. My 8 year old desktop runs much better now. I hate getting rid of things that work, and get the job done, just because they are old. The mania here is to buy the newest thing as soon as it shows up in stores. You cannot live without it! That would be a blog subject in itself, but I am trying to stay on the topic of cats as much as possible these days. As you can see from the photos presented below, I have lots of technical help when I am trying to do something!

Marigold and opie on computer table

Marigold and opie on computer table

Marigold and opie on computer table