Fun With Feathery Cat Toy “Da Bird”

     A few months back, I purchased a new feathery cat toy, which I had noticed reading some other cat blogs.  This one is called “Da Bird”, and actually has real bird feathers.  This is the reason I believe it is so popular.  I must be careful that the cat does not catch Da Bird and chew through the feathers. 

     The instructions say to put it where the cat cannot get to it, otherwise, the cat will chew it up, and it will be useless.  I purchased mine by mail-order, and purchased an extra feather “bird”, for when the first bird gets destroyed.  Da Bird is made in America.  Real bird feathers are attached by a fishing “leader” to a string.  The string is attached to a pole.  The string got tangled up on a cat, and I had to cut the string, to free the cat.  Then, I just tied the string back together. 

     Everyone likes it.  Zeke is the most enthusiastic player.  It is difficult to take photographs while cat “birding.”  Marigold, my oldest, likes it as well; however, she is not shown playing here. 

Where is this bird coming from?

Zeke, Marigold, and Opie  (Searching for fleas on TV)
Zeke having a close look!
Batting the bird back and forth to Opie
Got my foot on it!
Catch Opie!
I will catch it by surprise!
Look out Opie!
it is moving away! (The woman on TV is watching!)

All in all, Da Bird is a very popular toy which I recommend.

Be certain to put it away in a place where the cats cannot get it, when you are away!!!