Spirit orb of a ghost cat II

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This post documents the return of the Ghost Cat by way of a spirit orb. This is the first sighting since July 2011! I saved this post for today–International Cat Day.

What is a spirit orb?

In paranormal circles, a spirit orb is thought to be the soul of a deceased person or animal. The deceased by way of the orb has a strong emotional connection to the place where it appears.

I have had four cats die while I have been living in this house. Two of the four cats actually died within the house itself. I preferred to take care of them at home, rather than having them “put down”.

This is the first sighting since July 2011. I first did a post on this subject on WordPress in February 2014. This is the first orb I have captured on camera since. The orb is to the left of the “Feline Cafe” caption. It hovers above Marigold. It looks like a grey doorknob. The camera is different from my original posting. I have made no alterations to the photographs other than size reduction, captioning, and removal of meta data to discourage unauthorized use.

Spirit cat comes to breakfast

Spirit cat comes to breakfast

What are the circumstances surrounding the photograph? The cats were hungry. Around 6:30 in the morning, I got up and put their early breakfast out. When they were eating, I decided to get a few photos of all three together. This is not always so easy.
Later on, when I was looking at the photos, I spotted the orb. It seems to me, the orb wanted to join the others for breakfast! The interesting thing about this, is that my first photograph of an orb was taken in the exact same circumstance!

Spirit orb of a ghost cat

Spirit orb of a ghost cat

The grey object to the left of the orb is a full size German beer stein. In the blow-up of the orb, can you see something inside? I think it is the Ghost Cat!

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