Die wortlose Mittwoch or Triday, Washington 12

Hurrah for “die wortlose Mittwoch”! Two weeks ago I had to deal with Woden or Odin’s day ie. wordless Wednesday. Today I can deal with the German day “Midweek”. That makes sense! I still haven’t got the wordless or wortlos part down yet–maybe next time.  Anyway, Zeke is not allowed to play with plastic bags or even bags with handles, which can be hazardous, but paper bags are allowed.

Zeke the cat in a bag


It has been centuries since the calendar names of the days were updated.

We have Sunday (Sun’s day) and Monday (Moon’s day) which are astrological. Tuesday (Tiw’s day), Wednesday (Woden’s day), Thursday (Thunder or Thor’s day) are the Germanic or Norse days. From the Anglo-Saxon goddess Frige comes Friday. The last holdover from the Roman Empire’s calendar is Saturday derived from the god Saturn. All of Rome’s days were named after gods originally, I think, though I really wasn’t there.

I think the names should be modernized as follows: Monday becomes Oneday or Onday, just dropping the “M”, the new first day of my new week. Tuesday becomes obviously Twosday. Wednesday becomes Threesday or better Triday, Thursday becomes Purrsday, Friday becomes Fiveday better Fivday, Saturday becomes Caturday, and Sunday becomes Funday, because we should have one day of the week devoted to doing whatever we want, and having fun!

Augustus Caesar bust

Augustus Caesar

Of course, we are in the month of August, which was named to honor Caesar Augustus, who sent out a decree that all the world should be taxed. I guess he was a Democrat. I propose we change the month name to “Washington” to honor our first President. That makes today Triday, Washington 12. This calendar works for me! I think I will call it the Gregorian Calendar. Who says that is already taken?!





  1. Upon advice, I had to revise this post. Thursday is changed to Purrsday. Saturday is changed to Caturday. Wednesday could be Humpday, but that would mess up my post title!

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  2. I am like you and also don’t allow plastic bags and I remove the handles on paper ones if they come with them. I see Zeke has done some great modifications to his bag 🙂

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    1. It is getting harder to find decent paper sacks, like in the old days in the grocery stores. It’s either flimsy plastic bags which break, so I take my own cloth totes, or if I am lucky I can ask for a paper bag, and they look at me like I am an alien! Zeke is a living paper shredder when it comes to all things paper and cardboard. Thanks for your comment.


          1. I do my major shopping at Trader Joe’s because it’s only a mile and a half away and their prices tend to be much lower than QFC which is right on the corner by my apartment and so expensive I try to stay away. I bought Trader Joe’s reusable bags years ago…and I’m still using them. The only time I get a paper one is when I stop by on my way home when I hadn’t planned to go there.
            Diavolo had been a “community cat” here for many years before he adopted me and at first would eat anything but in the last few months he has decided that his spot is secure enough that he can get fussy. Ah, well, PetSmart, here I come.

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  3. Yup, Greg, it’s already taken. And it seems you were named for the Pope that is named for.
    You are correct….you do not have “wordless” Wednesday down.
    Careful or I’ll list the days of the week in Italian for you;-)

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    1. Hi neighbor! I am hiding from today’s heat wave again in the shadows. Zeke thinks his paper bag will shade him. I think I can keep this Wednesday schtick going for a while longer. Too late–I already looked up the Italian days of the week, and see the days named after the old Roman gods like back in the day. There are XV Pope Gregorys. Each time we get a new pope I hold my breath waiting to hear what name he picks for himself! Still no luck there. No one wants to be number 16–he would be lost in the crowd! I prefer the original and the best: Saint Gregory I the Great. He has a very interesting biography. Thanks for commenting.

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      1. Diavolo and I are going to be hiding from the heat too. I’m trying to suck some of the cooler morning air in with fans at the moment and Diavolo is out doing his rounds. Need to run (make that drive) to the grocery store in a minute….then back and close up till after the sun goes down.
        Stay cool!

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          1. Greg-
            Did the thunderstorm I’m having right now (11:45 am) come through your way? It looked like it was coming from the south. It rained pretty hard for about 20 minutes.
            And since the outside temperature dropped to 65 the door and window are open a little longer than usual. But thanks to that north facing patio window….I have the lights on. It’s the way I live all winter.
            Ciao, ciao,
            Michelle and Diavolo


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