Reflections 6

Reflections: These are photographs taken within the last few years which either were never posted, or were posted here in the early days on posts that never got viewed–you know what it is like to start out. I deleted the old posts and mixed the photos up in the Reflections series.

Scooby is absent from these. I will say he is doing well, and his minor problems with acne and sneezing are gone. So far the diabetes has not resurfaced. The big Memorial Day weekend is approaching as I write this. I will see you on the other side in June.

cats and flower vases

Opie Zeke and flower vases–none were consumed

cat and turbo track

Marigold and turbo track

3 cats

Wanting out the window to the catio

cat in catio

Zeke in catio

cat outside

Opie outside





cat outside

Marigold outside

Cat and xbox

Zeke on the xbox again

2 cats outside

Opie and Marigold outside

cat on windowsill

Zeke on windowsill



  1. Those are great photos, I wish I could rub Zeke’s tummy. I am glad that Scooby is doing well, I hope you show photos of him soon. Have a great long weekend.

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