Mt Rainier with cloud cap

Reflections of the past

Reflections of the past shows some pre-Wordpress blog photos from the old days. I started blogging in 2010 or maybe 2009 I can’t remember. The old blogs are deleted long ago. I also deleted most of my WordPress 2013 and 2014 posts to gain free storage space. The photos today are from 2010 and 2011 Opie and Zeke in no particular order. They were younger then: so were we all and much happier as well. . . . The featured photo is new: Mt. Rainier with a cloud cap. Good News: COMMENTS Allowed again on new posts!

2010 Zeke and his close friend orange Tabby Verty. They were great playmates until Verty died of cancer. Scooby was specifically selected to be Zeke’s new playmate and things worked out perfectly. Zeke had to wait five years for Scooby! I thought another tabby would be the best choice.
Dec 19 2010 Opie and Zeke grooming each other
Dec 19 2010 Zeke and Opie in the cat condo
Dec 17 2010 my photo appeared on Seattle Q13 Weather Forecast. Opie in foreground. the other three have passed on.

Thanks to Q13 Fox Seattle

Zeke in bed–things don’t change!
Opie enjoying sun in the catio
I am waiting! How about moving the ball!
Zeke being silly
Opie outside exploring on a frosty day
Opie enjoying her first snow outside.
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Reflections 9

Well, another Thanksgiving is gone. Some people had great Thanksgiving, others average, and some terrible. Looking back, most of the average ones were actually great, but I just did not recognize it at the time. I have had them all at one time or another. Now we are steaming full speed ahead towards Christmas. It seems like Christmas will never come, and then all of a sudden it comes racing towards us, and no matter what we do, we cannot slow it down. Today I feel more like an extra on “The Walking Dead”, so I shall just post another “Reflections” post which I put together months ago, and was waiting for a good time to post it. My eyesight took a temporary turn for the worse, and I can just barely see what I am doing. Reflections is my series of unposted older cat photographs. They may have been posted and never viewed or from my deleted Blogger blog. They are pre-Scooby.

cat by plant

Opie by plant

MORE photographs follow:
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Reflections 7

“Reflections” is my series of cat photographs that were never published, or published on posts that were never viewed, and later deleted, or only appeared on my now deleted Blogger blog. They pre-date Scooby so he is absent here.

(This is a BONUS post as this is the 5th Wednesday in August. We had an exciting month of August. Scooby went outside for the first time in a harness. I visited Northwest Trek Wildlife Park twice! I had deer in the backyard. I had my 6th blogversary. I purchased my own domain name. The cats had many fine weather days allowing them to play outside in the backyard under supervision. Scooby climbed his first tree.)

cat in box

Zeke in a box

MORE photos follow:
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