Reflections 7

“Reflections” is my series of cat photographs that were never published, or published on posts that were never viewed, and later deleted, or only appeared on my now deleted Blogger blog. They pre-date Scooby so he is absent here.

(This is a BONUS post as this is the 5th Wednesday in August. We had an exciting month of August. Scooby went outside for the first time in a harness. I visited Northwest Trek Wildlife Park twice! I had deer in the backyard. I had my 6th blogversary. I purchased my own domain name. The cats had many fine weather days allowing them to play outside in the backyard under supervision. Scooby climbed his first tree.)

cat in box

Zeke in a box

MORE photos follow:

2 cats

Marigold and Opie





cat watching cheetah

Opie watching cheetah

cat outside

Opie outside

cat in snow

Zeke in snow in catio

2 cats and flower vases

Opie and Zeke and flower vases

cat in snow in catio

Zeke in snow in catio

Vintage cat print of 3 kittens

Vintage cat print of 3 kittens

cat viewing Subway sandwich

Opie viewing Subway sandwich



  1. I love these pictures! Looks like Zeke may have given his box lid a few bites to make it a better “comb” for scratching his forehead. I felt a little tense, seeing Marigold inspecting the sprinkler, with Opie far away, possibly calling and calling her to get away quick in case it decides to go on! Another tense moment is not one, but two cats up winding around the flower vases–yike! Opie watching the TV is hilarious. These new HDs are so bright and clear for cats. Your “catio” looks like great winter fun, and your vintage kitty picture is so wonderful–like your meowing postcard collection! Happy September, Greg!

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    1. Zeke likes chewing cardboard. Best not to move or disturb cats prowling around flower vases as they are surefooted. All cats watch television animal shows at night. The catio is a safe place to discover what snow is, or all weather in general.


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