Pairing off for nap-time on Wordless Wednesday

The cats pair off for nap-time–girls together, and boys together in different rooms.  Peace reigns–except the big wound Opie inflicted on Scooby’s nose!  He cannot seem to keep it out of Opie’s business.  Looks like it is healing OK–fingers crossed. Thanks to everyone who visited during Scooby’s blitz week.  It was quite a success–I was surprised.  Thanks for all the birthday greetings for Opie as well!  Yesterday in the USA it was National Pet Day!  That sort of slipped under the radar, didn’t it folks?  You can STILL go out and adopt a pet today.  Lots of things happening here, so we will be slowing down with the “blitz” posting–back to our old usual rate, more or less.

opie marigold

Opie and Marigold napping

zeke scooby

Zeke and Scooby napping



  1. When we first brought Lucy in, Ringo and Benny both got scratches on their noses, but thankfully that hasn’t happened anymore. I love cuddly napping kitties!

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