Where’s my football game?

 Where is my football game, Zeke?

zeke cat tv

zeke cat tv

Many more photos follow:

zeke cat tv

zeke cat tv

zeke cat tv

I see you!

Opie cat tv

Opie joins the audience


Scooby says: “If you visit Nana’s Whimsical World you can see pencil drawings of Scooby and several other internet pets.”

Scooby in chair




  1. Thank goodness cats have more cultural interests than watching American football games! My cats love wildlife shows. But when it comes to soccer (real football) they are obsessed! Manchester United… they can’t get enough!

  2. Ha ha it’s always so funny when they watch cat tv and when they always think the bird is behind the tv. Great photos I’ve always ever showed Spike bird tv on my laptop now on the big tv he would think it’s the invasion of the giant birds……x😻💞

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