Escape from Alcatraz (the Catio)


This wood is hard! If I keep working everyday, I might get through!

scooby zeke catio

Sorry Scooby! I can’t get through! How about some help? How about a spoon to dig our way out, says Scooby.

Escaping from the Catio is futile. Many have tried. None have succeeded! The wood panels are merely replaced with new ones. The Warden is ever watchful!



  1. I’m laughing, Greg. A great post. Zeke determined. He sees it move a little. Bet he knows the warden is watching, and wants to keep you on your toes. Smart cats you got there! 📚 Christine

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  2. I too, am glad that the warden is ever vigilant and guards his charges well. It will sure keep one on his toes. I keep a spray bottle at my back door to keep the cats away. I only have one that sometimes tries to escape. All the other house cats are too old to care about the outdoors. 🙂

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